Making Memories….Last Weekend at the Lake


gorgeous fall colors

We just got back from our last weekend at the lake for 2013.  It was such a great weekend and we were so fortunate to spend it with so many people we care about.  All of our lake family was up this weekend, as they are every Columbus Day for our big cookout and campfire.  We also had Mimi, Grandpa J and Auntie Amber come for the weekend which was a big treat for us and Uncle Joe and Kate also came for a night of fun!


Sibling Love

Lil’C got to celebrate her birthday a little early this year with the family.  She had a Care Bear/Little Mermaid Party and Auntie Laura did a nice job decorating.  Lil’C decorated her cupcakes and was showered with “rainbow” gifts (it is her favorite color).


decorating with Mimi and cousin G


birthday girl….soon to be 4!!

Columbus Day is always a bitter sweet time of the year.  It is so much fun to be together but it is also the last weekend at the lake for most of us.  This means packing up, turning off the water, winterizing things and teary good-byes.  Many people we won’t see again until Memorial Day and that seems like a long time away.  It was an wonderful lake season, filled with so many blessings and memories to think of during the cold winter months ahead.  And before you know it we will be driving down that long dirt road, opening up the cottages and preparing for another summer season.


the boys went wakeboarding….it was COLD!


Roaring Campfire


Beautiful Shot taken by Amber


Lake Family


The last fish of the year


gorgeous sunset


a great weekend!



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2 responses to “Making Memories….Last Weekend at the Lake

  1. I’m so jealous of your cabin. We have one….but it’s 1800 miles away. A trip is planned for JULY!

  2. Mimi

    Thanks for all the hospitality!

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