Finding ME Time

IMG_3192Sorry my posts have had a bit of a mama focus lately.  As I continue to search for our Fall Rhythm (we are so close), I am trying to make sure that there is enough ME time in the mix.  I know it might sound selfish but when you are homeschooling mama, you need to make sure that there is time built in to rejuvenate and care for yourself.  After all how’s that saying go, “When Mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy?!?!?!”

A year ago there was not much ME time in my life.   My mission over the past few years has been to make Scott’s life easy as he started his business.  He was working so long and hard for our family (still does) and I wanted life at home to be comfortable and stress free.  This was nice in theory but often left me tired and a bit lonely.


The first session of the Mother’s Retreat I went on last November was called, “Putting on your Oxygen Mask First”.  I had heard this line many times but had never really taken a moment to see how it related to my life.  During this session I realized how little time I took for myself. I wasn’t sure how I could gain more but knew that in order to be a happy and healthy person, I needed to find a way.

After returning from the retreat, my friend Claire and I created an every other Friday schedule where one would take the girls and the other would have the morning off.  I also joined a book club, took an online e-course and joined an evening Mosaic of Faith group.  These steps have been so critical in helping me to remember who I am as a person and these opportunities have given me time to reflect, laugh and learn from some amazing people.


This year as I have gone down the homeschooling path, I have tried to built in some ME time during the day so I can unwind and breathe.  At this point it is not sacred time (working on that) and often gets cut out.  Scott is great about trying to make sure that I still have my 3 evenings out a month and I am so excited that I have another Mother’s Retreat scheduled this fall. I even got to go on a Girls Weekend a few weekends ago which was GREAT! Making time for me is not always a natural thing but I have seen the benefits and know how important it is.


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  1. Janine

    You need that time and I am here to help. More so in two weeks 🙂 Love ya!

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