Reason 56 and 57 of Why We LOVE Homeschooling

I really should sit down with Z and come up with a list about why we love homeschooling so much….today it was all about the following two reasons.

Photo on 2013-10-17 at 13.20

We can homeschool ANYWHERE!  

We have done our work at the lake, in the car, on an adventure and today outside.  We often take our work outside and with today with temps in the mid 70’s, we jumped at the chance.  We read, spent some time watching the clouds and played some word games.  It was productive and so nice to be outside!!!


We can drop everything to Chase the Leaves!!!

This may sound silly but fall only lasts a short time and when the winds is blowing, you HAVE to run out and catch those leaves.  Catching leaves is one of our favorite activities of fall and I love that we can drop whatever we are doing to make the best of a good breeze!



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One response to “Reason 56 and 57 of Why We LOVE Homeschooling

  1. Mimi

    Absolutley one of the BEST parts of being unschooled!

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