Reason 58 We LOVE Homeschooling


You can Stay Up Late to Watch the World Series!!!

Since Z attended his first Red Sox game back in July, he has been all about the Red Sox.  Baseball is a passion for him…he loves to play it, talk about it, pretend he is a member of the Red Sox and LOVES to watch it.  We do not have cable TV so when not at the lake, we have had to listen to the games.  This is a lot of fun but for this World Series I had to do something.  Scott went out to buy a digital converter box and I bought an antenna and we are now able to watch Fox at home!!!!!  I let Z stay up late (until the end of the 5th inning, around 10pm) for this first game and it was soooooo much fun to watch with him.  His energy, enthusiasm and great understanding of the game always amazes me.  Watching those first two crazy innings with him gave us lots to cheer and talk about.  He is a sponge for everything baseball and wants to know everything.  I love this crazy kid so much and I am so happy he shares my love for the game.  I plan to adjust his sleep schedule over the next week so he can catch as much of the games as possible.  Another reason to love homeschooling!!!!


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