Making Memories….Virtual Trick or Treating and a Few more


On Monday, Scott’s office held a Trick or Treating event for everyone’s families.  Our kids were very excited about this event but Caroline was still under the weather and so we couldn’t attend.  Scott came up with “virtual Trick or Treating” and had the kids dress in their costumes.  We hooked up iChat and the kids were able to visit all of the people at their desks around the office and “Trick or Treat” from the comfort of the couch.  It was super cute and allowed us to keep our germs at home but still have fun!


It has been a very busy week around here.  Last weekend I was blessed to get away for 3 days for a Mother’s Retreat.  It was an amazing and relaxing weekend but as soon as I got home I hit the ground running 🙂  There was a Cheer Bear costume to make, World Series games to watch, c0-op to teach, a birthday party to attend, Faith and Play, school, crafting, a play date to host and tomorrow we Trick or Treat.  It has been a busy and sleepless week but it is all fun stuff so we are trying our best to get to it all.  This weekend is filled with downtime and hopefully some time to sleep and recharge.


This year’s jack-o-lantern

Here are some more photos from our week!!  Happy Halloween!!!


A picture from my retreat, a great place to recharge!


Check out these cute little spiders we made 🙂








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