And The Red Sox Win!!!!!!!!!


Whether you are a life long Red Sox fan or jumped on the bandwagon for game 6…..last night was magical.  I had every intention of sending Z to bed at 10 pm, just like every other game in the series and then wake him up if they won.  With a 5 run lead at 10pm, there was no way I could send my excited little boy to bed.  He hung in for every pitch of this World Series and last night was no different.  He cheered on the Sox to victory and when they won, it was electric.


Big Papi said last night that this was the most memorable win and meant the most to him of the three World Series he has won with Boston.  At first this comment surprised me given the feeling we all had after winning in 2004, breaking the curse and bringing the 86 year drought to an end.  After giving it some thought I realized that this win is all about TEAM.  This Red Sox Team is a tight group of guys, who love and respect their manager and had to overcome so much doubt this season.  I now understand why this series win is so special for David Ortiz, I know it was for me.



This was the first of the three trips to winning the World Series where I did not attend a play-off game.  I have witnessed some big games in my life, especially in the playoffs.  This year I had something much more special than being there live, I got to witness a little boy light up with love for this team and this game.  His passion and love for all things baseball and especially this team, has been such a treat for me.  I grew up loving this team and to now have my son share the same passion, it is something special.    It is a sleepy morning in this house, but soooooo worth it.  Today we are off to get my little boy a World Series T-shirt to celebrate!!



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