Wacky Weather


The weather in New England is always unpredictable but this week has been especially wacky.   We started off the week with seasonable temperatures (in the 50’s) but by Friday it was in the 70’s.  Saturday was a gorgeous day in the high 60’s and then on Sunday it snowed!!!  Granted the snow did not stick but now it is 22 degrees as I type this on Monday morning and hard to believe we were outside without coats on Friday and Saturday.


On Friday the wind was blowing and we knew that the oak and maple tree that were still full of leaves would not be full for much longer.  We spent the afternoon outside running and catching the falling leaves in both the sunshine and rain.  There is nothing more freeing than running around after a falling leaf.  It is even more fun watching your children experience that same joy.



We watched the Red Sox parade at home on TV after much debate about taking the kids down to Boston.  It was the right decision and it allowed us to see it up close while still having access to a clean bathroom.  Before the parade Z found and watched the DVD of the 2004 World Series.  He said, “Mom I don’t really know about this team and this win, can I watch this?”  For “educational reasons” I agreed and he was glued to the TV for the entire hour DVD.  Watching that DVD brought back so many emotion and so many memories….I was pretty teary throughout it.  He found our 2007 DVD too and so that is on cue for this week.


Staying close to home this weekend allowed for us to accomplish many long overdue house projects.  We cleaned gutters, cleaned the garage, moved in the porch furniture and started cleaning and organizing the basement.  Check out what I found…..yes that is “Greg Brady” (aka Barry Williams) and myself!  I was his wardrobe assistant for a show he did at URI.  He was a bit of a snob ;(


The weekend was not all work, we did get to go on a family playdate with our good friends.  This was so much fun for all of us and the meal was wonderful.  Over all it was a great and productive weekend.  Wacky weather and all, we spent a lot of time outdoors and enjoyed some quality time together.



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