As the weather gets colder, my need to be cozy and indoors gets greater.  I have been nesting a bit over the past few weeks and no I am not pregnant!  I have been organizing, getting rid of things and cozying up our house to get ready for the long winter months.  With this nesting urge has come lots of handwork.

On my weekend retreat, my friend taught me how to knit.  I have tried to learn on 3 previous occasions but for some reason could not master it.  I joked with my friend that it was her background in early childhood that helped me to master it this time.  She used a little rhyme to teach me and that did the trick!  I am loving this new skill and so appreciative to her for taking the time to teach me.  The kids are fascinated by the knitting and so this week I am planning to teach them how to finger knit (another new skill for me!!).


Watching me sew Lil’C’s Halloween costume inspired the kids to want to make their own sewing projects.  Z had done some sewing in Montessori and also made a pillow for Scott with me using my machine.  He decided that he wanted to design and create his own Ninja Turtle Stuffed friend.  It is super cute and he has only needed a bit of help from me so far.  He is having so much fun and has many more sewing projects in mind.  Lil’C has never sewed before but picked it up very quickly!  With very little help, she sewed a small heart pillow.  I was blown away by her abilities and the pride on her face was priceless.  She brought her pillow in for show and tell and has already made another heart pillow to match her first.


It is nice to have a project to work on while you sit by the fire and so I have also started working on the quilt that I started hand sewing last winter.  For me handwork is both relaxing and gives you a feeling of great accomplishment.  I can’t wait to see all that create over the next few months.

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  1. Mimi

    Krista would be very happy to have had you as a knitting partner! I have lots of her supplies and yarn still. Maybe you’d like to browse through her stash sometime soon…? Handi work is meditative and so great for the kids… and we adults too! I miss all those creative moments … but hopeful I can get back to some of it soon… well maybe later 🙂 Can’t wait to see the Z & C creations in person. Good work, guys! Love MIMI

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