A Month of Thanksgiving


Three years ago, when Halloween commenced, Z asked me the infamous question….”How many days until Christmas?”.  He had already seen Christmas items in stores and assumed that because Halloween was now behind us, Christmas must be very close.  No matter how hard I tried to explain to him how important and fun a holiday in between called Thanksgiving was, it was lost on him.  It was then that I knew I had to make Thanksgiving more than just one day.

Z and I headed out into the yard that day to search for branches that had fallen after a storm.  We brought them in, decorated a clay pot and made our own “Tree of Thanks”.  I made leaves for the tree out of paper (one for every day in November leading up to Thanksgiving) and each night we took turns writing something we were thankful for on the leaf.  I even made a picture frame that said, “Next Up” with picture cards so that the children would know who’s turn it was that night.  They loved the tree then and three years later still do!  Z jokes about how our tree is gaining leaves while all of the others outside are losing theirs. It is a sweet little tradition that I hope we continue until they are grown.


The other project we did that year was to make two paper turkeys which didn’t have any feathers to start.  We then sent out feathers to family and friends and asked them to write what they were thankful for on the feathers.  November’s mail soon became like Decembers as we ran to the mailbox each day with anticipation of new feathers.  It was such a fun project and we hang those turkeys each year as a reminder of all that there is to be thankful for in this world.


This year I have added a story book component to the month.  Just like my Advent Books, I have a different fall or Thanksgiving story for each night at bedtime.  These books aren’t wrapped like the Advent books but they live in my closet and the kids are excited to see which book I am going to bring out that night.

Thanksgiving is one of my FAVORITE holidays!  I am so happy that my kids now see how important it is and appreciate this fun time of year.  I love counting our blessings each night and it always makes me smile to hear what everyone is thankful for.  It truly is a month of Thanksgiving!

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  1. Mimi

    We are thankful for Magic School House posts! Thanks, J:)

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