Friday Finds….Holiday Gift Ideas

The opinions in this post are all my own.  Nobody has compensated me for any of the ideas below.

I don’t know about you but I am always searching for gifts that are quality and that don’t take up valuable space in my house (aka…NO CRAP).  Since my kids have fall birthdays, I try to be more creative when it comes to Christmas gifts.  Here are some fun gifts that they have received in the past as well as some they will be receiving this year.  These gifts don’t take up much (if any) space and many can be enjoyed well beyond Christmas Day.


Green Kid Crafts

My mother got a 3 month subscription for C last year and we LOVED it.  The supplies are high quality and earth friendly.  The activities are fun to create or you can make your own.  We really enjoyed this gift and you can read a post about this program here.

Sparkle Stories

We LOVE Sparkle Stories and have been listening for almost 2 years.  You can give a loved one a Sparkle Story Gift Certificate and then they can listen to sample stories on the website and pick which stories they would like.  There are subscription services and single story packs available.  This is a great gift for ages 4-10.  I wrote a post all about Sparkle Stories here.


Tickets to a Show or Sporting Event

My in-laws gave my kids a trip to a Gazillion Bubble Show one year for their birthdays.  It was such a fun outing such a great gift!  My dad always takes Z to a hockey game for Christmas, another gift that Z always looks forward to.

Magazine Subscriptions

My kids usually get a magazine subscription for either Christmas or their birthdays once a year.  Right now Z is getting High Five but in the past they have gotten magazines from Cricket, National Geographic and Ranger Rick.

Museum Passes or Membership

Every year my kids get a membership to the Boston Museum of Science.  This membership allows us free or reduced admission to hundreds of museums around the country.  This is a gift that truly lasts all year and one that we all enjoy.  In the past they have also gotten passes to the Aquarium and other museums for their birthdays.  A great gift!


Little Passports

Last year my mom got Z a 3 month subscription to Little Passports.  It is a fun and interactive way to learn about the world.  You can read a post I wrote about this program here.  

Fun Pass Book

This is a coupon book for New England but I am sure they have similar books all over the country.  My sister is getting these for the kids for Christmas and it allows free admission with a paying adult.  A trip to Story Land for our family pays for the books and there are hundreds of other great trips that we can take for a discount with the books.  I am soooo excited about this gift.


Craft Bucket

One of C’s favorite gifts is a bucket-o-crafts!  She loves to make crafts and new supplies are always welcome.  In our house you can never have enough craft making supplies!

Toy of the Month Club

I created a Thomas of the Month Club for Z when he was three.  I bought a bunch of Thomas trains on discount or at yard sales and then each month he would receive one of them.  He LOVED that he got a new train each month and I loved that the gift kept on giving all year.  I spent the same I would have spent on one Christmas gift but spread it out, ti was so much fun for both of us and you could do it with anything they are passionate about.  Maybe I need a LEGO of the month club now!

Adventure with Gift Giver

For this gift, the gift giver offers to take the child somewhere fun with them.  This could be a trip to the zoo, a museum, the movies or any other fun adventure.  Time together really is so important and means so much more to the child than any toy.  In fact this is what Scott and I are giving each other for Christmas, two planned out dates (a day date and evening date) all wrapped up.  I am so excited.


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  1. Jess, I love this! I had thought about the passbook thing and am glad you liked it. Have you seen this: – we are having a lot of fun with them right now – kids and grown-ups alike! 🙂

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