My Little Elves

P1060373For those of you who know me well, you know I love Celebration!  I am very organized when it comes to celebrating holidays and wish I was as organized in other areas of my life.  I love the planning, the decorating, the chance to use my creativity and I so enjoy the effort put in when I get to enjoy a special time with my family and friends.  I even love tucking the decorations away in boxes to be put away until the following year (weird I know)….I love Celebration!

For me November is the month in which I prepare for Christmas.  This may seem crazy to some of you but for me having my cards and shopping finished by Thanksgiving allows me time for more creative and enjoyable projects in December.  This year both children have been very helpful in the preparations.  Last week we set up a Holiday Card Assembly Line in which everyone had a job.  They loved this task so much that when I asked them to help me with the wrapping of gifts, they jumped at the chance.   The address labels may be crooked and the wrapping paper crumpled but  the love and enthusiasm that went into each card and gift make them much more special.


With this extra “elf” help, I am finished with these tasks much earlier in the month than usual!  This means that we have been able to start our gift making a little early.  The kids and I have fun plans for the gifts we plan to make and those already finished are going to bring smiles to the recipients.  This is a festive time of year and I am so happy that my children share my “affinity for elf culture” 😉

Please note that these photos are from past Christmas’.  I try to make it a point not to decorate until after Thanksgiving.

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