A GAPS Thanksgiving


This will be my first Thanksgiving without gluten.  There will be no Mom’s Stuffing, pumpkin pie, biscuits or mom’s gravy.  Because Scott and I are also on the GAPS diet we will also have to forgo the infamous jello mold, cranberry sauce from the can and mashed potatoes.  So what does one eat on Thanksgiving when the don’t like turkey and can’t eat all of their favorites??!?!  This is a bit of a challenge but one I have accepted readily.

Thanks to the good old internet I have found a bread made from coconut flour which can then be turned into stuffing!  I found faux mashed potatoes made from cauliflower, a cranberry sauce sweetened with honey and a gravy that is GAPS legal.  The most important thing I found was a Pumpkin Pie Custard made with coconut milk!!!  I decided to try out some of these recipes ahead of time and they are GOOD!  Paired with great wine, a roasted chicken and some vegetables….it should be a great meal.


I am so proud of Scott and all his hard work on the GAPS diet.  He has been on it since June and looks and feels great.  It hasn’t been easy but he has had amazing will power and I am so proud of him!!


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One response to “A GAPS Thanksgiving

  1. Mimi

    Never knew that you don’t like turkey!

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