Z’s Number Quest

P1060218The month of November was a busy one for us…..not only were we busy with the Newspaper but we went on a Family Number Quest.  The idea for the Number Quest was given to us by a good friend and it was a wonderful way to introduce the quality of numbers and the great importance of numbers 1-12.  The story goes that the king (Daddy) sends out 12 of his best knights (Z was one of them) to find which is the best number in the land.  All 12 come back with a different number and many reasons why their number is the best in the land.


We had a story for each number and then kids then designed shields for each number.  Z practiced writing each number and we culminated the unit with a Number Feast.  At the feast we dressed up in our Royal Garb, dined on “delicacies” and voted for our favorite numbers.  Eight and Twelve won our family competition but in the end of the story it turns out that all of the numbers are equally important. One of Z’s favorite part was learning the Roman Numerals and has taken his study further by looking up how to write 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 in Roman Numerals.


This was such a fun math unit for us and one that covered so many areas of study.  We spent time studying knights, we read picture books about knights and explored different art techniques while making the shields.  Our next major math unit will cover the 4 processes (+, -, x, /) through an adventure with gnomes and wizards, it should be fun!!


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One response to “Z’s Number Quest

  1. Mimi

    It is hard to pick a favorite number! One of Mimi’s favorite numbers is 9… it’s so magical 🙂
    Love the King’s hat… and that great photo of the Queen. The little princess is very lucky to
    have big brother Z around as her knight in “learning” armor. Way too much fun! Happy
    HomeSchooling to all! Now Mimi has to get back to work:)

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