Right Now….

Right now we are loving the Christmas Cheers Album by Straight No Chaser.  The kids think it is hilarious and ask for it daily and I love it too!  One of their new holiday songs, Nutcracker, is FREE on Amazon.  It is funny!!


Right now we are enjoying our Sparkle Story Advent Calendar.  We listen at breakfast and it is quickly becoming our favorite Advent tradition.

Right now we are “traveling” to India to celebrate Diwali for our Holidays Around the World unit.  We have already visited Israel, Mexico and my mom did a unit on Sweden.


Right now I am enjoying cheating on my diet here and there with a little bit of store bought coconut eggnog (there is a bit of cane sugar in it).  I have a recipe for a GAPS friendly version but the store bought version is a lot easier 😉

Right now we are loving to watch old holiday variety specials on Amazon.  The kids don’t understand why there is no color but they do enjoy them.


Right now I am spending time each day to reflect upon one of my friends, this has been such a wonderful exercise in gratitude for me.

Right now we are soooo busy creating and crafting gifts for our friends and family.  It is a bit messy and chaotic at times but so much fun and we can’t wait to see what they think of them.


Right now I am loving the smell of my Holiday Greenery candle from Sweet Grass Farms. They are a local candle company who make their own soy candles and I have loved every candle that I have tried.  Maple Sugar, Lemon Verbena and Baked Apples are my other favorites.

Right now I am loving this season of Advent and wishing it would slow down a bit. As a child I couldn’t wait for Christmas to come and wished these days away.  Now as an adult, I am so enjoying this time with my children at this very fun age and wish time would slow down just a bit.

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