Advent Magic


Last night the kids and I participated in our first Advent Spiral.  We have wanted to participate in one for a few years now but never had the opportunity until now.  Amy from our Homeschool co-op organized one last evening and it was just beautiful.


My dad came to play instrumental holiday music which set the calm tone of the evening.  My mom was the “Goddess of Light” and sat in the middle of the spiral.  Each child had a turn to walk the spiral with an unlit candle in an apple.  Once they got to the center, my mom lit the candle and told them that this light was to light up their winter nights.  They then placed their candle on a gold star somewhere on the spiral.  It was so sweet and beautiful and the children all did such a nice job waiting for their turn.


The Goddess of LIght

On the way home I asked the children if they had found any Advent Magic during the spiral.  They both said that they had and then Z asked me if I had found any.  As I reflected upon the night and started to speak, I had tears in my eyes.  I explained to the kids that I so love this little community that we have built and it brought me so much joy to see each child take their turn with their candle.  We are so blessed to have found this homeschooling co-op and it warmed my heart to celebrate Winter and Advent with all of them.  Advent Magic was definitely found for me last night.


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  1. Janine

    I had such a good time. What I found so special was how many of the children, especially the little ones, were somewhat hesitant as they started walking slowly around the spiral. After I lit their candles they were so determined to find the “right” star and add their candle to the spiral. It was very special and so glad we could be a part of it. You have a special group of families to help guide your children. You are all very lucky!

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