We Needed a “Yes” Day….


With the house clean from my Pokeno Christmas party the night before, the gifts all finished and wrapped and nothing on the t0-do list, I decided to cancel all plans for the day and have a “YES” day.  It has been a long time since we had a “YES” day and it was just what the three of us needed after the busy fall months.


“Mom can we eat the candy that the elves left us for breakfast?”



“Mom can we go sledding?”



“Mom will you play Wii with me?”



“Mom can J and I play a game on the computer?”



“Mom can we do a science experiment with snow?”


These are all questions that I would normally say “No” to or “In a Minute” or “No Screen Time until 5 o’clock”.  On Friday I made a conscience decision to say “YES” as much as I could, to live in the moment and enjoy some much needed quiet time with my children (and Lil’C’s good friend for a couple of hours).  It was such a fun day and I hope that when life gets crazy once again, I will look back at this post and remember to schedule another “YES” day.  They are good for the soul and so good for building relationships with these little angels who are on loan to us for such a short time.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!  I will share photos of ours soon.  I will also tell you all about our Homemade Christmas that is happening this Saturday.  We are also having Fake New Years on Saturday….still so much holiday fun to be had.

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