Homemade Christmas

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESScott and I decided to do things a little differently this year with the children’s gifts.  We took a hint from Hanukkah and have spread things out this year .  They received a few presents before Christmas, a few after and will get a few little things on Three Kings Day.  It has been so nice to spread things out and has allowed them to really enjoy each and every gift.  Part of this new arrangement was to have a “Homemade Christmas” on the 28th.  We saved all the gifts we made for one another and gave them to each other on this special day.


Opening her gift from Z

With Christmas music playing in the background and all the crazy of Christmas behind us, we were able to truly appreciate the love and work that went into each homemade gift.  It was so nice to have the kids take time with each gift and hug the person who made it for them.  Scott and I  loved all the gifts that they made for us too.  I got “FREE HUGS FOR LIFE” cards from the kids, a candle holder from C, an ornament from Z and a photo scavenger date from my sweetheart.


Z’s gift in his hand and C’s around his neck (she made a scarf)

I think a new tradition was born this year.  So often before our homemade gifts would get lost in the shuffle on Christmas morning.  With Homemade Christmas we were able to take our time and truly appreciate the gift and the gift giver.  It was really lovely.


a scarf, a knitted doll blanket for C, free hug cards for mom, the date from Scott, golf tees, crayon rolls for the kids, candle holders, a cave and trees for Z, C for C, stocking, ornament, fish picture and snowman picture from C….great day!

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  1. Janine

    Awesome! I love my pillow from Lil’ C! It sits on the table next to my bed. Love the idea. Keep it going.

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