Taking a Moment…


The last few days have been quiet.  We have not felt that great and after all the crazy hustle and bustle of the holidays, it has been nice to spend some cozy time at home.  The kids have played with their new toys, I have sipped A LOT of tea out of my new favorite mug (thanks honey), Pandora has been playing a lot on our new doc (thanks Mom), we have watched many movies (Despicable ME 2 was a favorite, Thanks Auntie A) and I loved cuddling up in my new “Lake Girl” sweatshirt (thanks Mimi).  It was a chance to rest, breathe and reflect upon all the Christmas Magic that we have experienced this month.

Tonight is going to be another quiet night.  Just the 4 of us having an early New Years celebration and getting some much needed rest.  The kids are very excited about our annual “ball drop”.  Tomorrow will bring our annual New Years Breakfast where we fill out our yearly Family Interviews.  We will also share our goals for the New Year.


Thanks to all who made our Holiday so special.  We so enjoyed our time with family and friends and had quite a few laughs.  Our hearts are full and we are so incredibly blessed to have all of you in our lives.  May 2014 bring all of us health, happiness and opportunities to make many new memories.  Happy New Year!!

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