I’ve Been Hibernating…..

photo 4I can’t not remember a holiday break more relaxing than the break we just had.  We got back home on Thursday the 26th and I crashed hard.  For the next 8 days I only left the house one time, ONCE!  Between being sick, Scot not feeling well, snow days and just chill time….I only left once.  We spent our days snuggling, reading, playing with new toys, crafting and watching movies.  Life was easy, simple and fun.  The household stuff was easy to manage, I finished my first knitting project (a scarf seen above) and read Mansfield Park by Jane Austen.  I spent a great deal of time reflecting on my first “semester” of homeschooling and planning the next one out.  It was a great chance to rest, reflect and envision what lies ahead.

Time hibernating was just what my cloudy head needed and I am really excited about the upcoming months.  We have some fun stuff planned for Homeschooling, our weekly co-op is all planned out for the next two months and phase one of the house remodel is in motion.  I have decided that I do need some time to “hibernate” each week and I am trying to plug it into our weekly schedule.  The new e-workshop that I am signed up for this month from Heather Bruggeman over at Beauty That Moves will definitely help with this.  It is called Hibernate and I can’t wait!

There is a new knitting project (or two) waiting in my bag, a new book club book to read, some love notes to write for my Mosaic of Faith group and lots of games to play with the kids.  Hibernation, the bears are on to something….it is heavenly!

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