We’ve gone GNOME CRAZY!!

photo 1We’ve gone a bit gnome crazy over here during the holiday break, I just can’t stop making them!! It all started back in early December when the moms in our c0-op got together to make St. Nicolas gnomes to be left in the children’s shoes.  I had so much fun making these little guys that I couldn’t wait to make more.  Lucky for me, Z’s upcoming math unit involves 4 gnomes and a king as a way to teach the four processes (+, -, x and /) !  As I was making these gnomes, Lil’C wanted a “Love Gnome”.  How could I deny such a sweet request?!?!  I had planned on making some love gnomes in February anyway so I decided to make her two right now.

On New Years Eve while I was finishing up the math gnomes she requested a “Gnome of Wonder” for herself and a “Gnome of Night” for Z.   I put my math gnomes aside (again) and whipped up the two she had requested.  They also spent some time that day painting some “toads” to play with their Mario Bros. figures.  A few days ago I finally finished the math gnomes and made a Jack Frost gnome for our January nature table.  We have decided that he is married to the “Gnome of Wonder” because they look so cute together.

photo 3

I am loving making all these fun gnomes and Lil’C LOVES playing with them.  The whole project was a great way to spend our quiet days during Hibernation.  We do have more than enough at this point though and have decided to put the felt  away for a bit.  We may bring them out again in a month or so and make some more “Love Gnomes” though…..


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2 responses to “We’ve gone GNOME CRAZY!!

  1. Mimi

    Nice to see that Legos & Fisher Price and Disney have been ousted for a moment by Gnomology.
    Please note, however, that gnomally, people who make gnomes are gnome to spend abgnomally long hours searching
    for gnomes at highway bridge crossings. So beware. We have a family of gnomes painted by some ungnomes
    on route 95 between exits 7 and 8. (Sorry, but you brought out the gnome in me with this cute post.)
    Gnomally, I do not comment on abgnomalities. HELP! I can’t stop!
    MIMI 🙂

  2. Katherine G

    Oh my gnome! Those are adorable!!!

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