What Did You do This Weekend??

What did you do this weekend?  We spent our time doing this…….


Our Dining Room Before


After (just a few more rows to go)

We are not quite done (we had a few set backs) but we are so happy with the progress and the results so far.  This was our first time laying hardwood floors by ourselves and we learned so much in the process.  My sister was a wealth of knowledge and even came over on Saturday morning to “hold our hands” for a bit.


The kids were so excited about this project and very eager to help. At times their “help” wasn’t the most helpful thing but they were eager to learn and try.  We were grateful to my friend Amy for taking them Saturday morning to play and my parents for taking them most of Sunday so that we could work solo for a bit.  This allowed focused time to get the bulk of the work done.


A few necessary hours at urgent care (Scott crushed his finger but thankfully it is not broken) prevented us from finishing the job this weekend but that is okay.  Scott was a real trooper and came home with his throbbing finger and laid a few more boards!  He then fought through the pain on Sunday and we got quite a bit done.

We hope to finish the dining room this week and then prep the living room so that we can get moving right away this weekend.  We have a living room to lay floors in next and then later this winter we will hire Scott’s cousin to lay tile in the kitchen/bathroom.  Operation remodel is in full swing and it has been really fun so far (aside from the crushed finger).  Scott and I have enjoyed this chance to work together while learning something new.  Not my usual idea for a date with my husband but I had a lot more fun than I thought I would.  I also learned that Scott is a lot more handy than I thought, he is the best and I am grateful for his time, patience and dedication to this project.


So for now we are still living in chaos with two rooms of furniture in our other two downstairs rooms but it will all be worth it in the end.  As my sister said, laying hardwood floors is instant gratification.  It may take time, effort and a few tears but it is so worth it in the end.

It looks finished from this angle!

It looks finished from this angle!


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2 responses to “What Did You do This Weekend??

  1. Kristen

    It looks great guys! Good work and I am sure everything will go much more smoothly this weekend 🙂 🙂


  2. Laura

    It looks awesome!!!! Great Job!

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