January Plans


January Nature Table…Jack Frost

People often question what we are up to in the world of homeschooling and so I have decided that I want to start posting our monthly plan on this site.  I hope it is fun for you to see what we are up to and it will hold me accountable to make sure that our month is ready to go at the start.  I realize that I am a bit late on this post, with the month being more than half over but here is our plan for January


1. Writing and Illustrating a Wacky ABC Book (a big project, should wrap up in March)

2.  Thank You Notes for Holiday Gifts

3.  Journal Writing

4.  Daily Read Aloud Time (Lots of Weather and Winter Books!  Also reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins)

5.  Site Word Games

6.  Reading Strategies–Context, Picture Cues

7.  Jack Frost Poems


1. Practicing Addition Math Facts

2.  Math Gnomes (introducing the 4 processes)

3.  Life of Fred Book 2–Butterflies

4.  Work with Telling Time

5.  Temperature and Graphing


1.  Weather and Atmosphere–lots of reading and science experiments

2.  Weather forecasting and Storm Studies

3.  Winter Animals

4.  Project Feeder Watch

Social Studies

1.  Native American Homes

2.  Geography–Me on the Map


1.  Minion Sewing Project

2.  Finger Knitting

3.  Making Valentine’s Day Gnomes

4.  Helping with Hardwood Floors

Physical Education

1.  Basketball

2.  Sledding/Outdoor Fun

3.  Snowshoeing

4.  Yoga


1.  WE-DO Robotics with LEGOs

2.  Building solar powered robots with Daddy

3.  Hardwood Floor Project

The Arts

1.  Drawing and Watercolors

2.  Snow Painting/Sculpting

3.  Cloud Pictures


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One response to “January Plans

  1. Janine

    I am tired just reading everything you are doing. So glad I am not teaching anymore. I would feel like I was slacking. 😉

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