We Are DONE!!! (and Winterfest)



We are sooooo excited around here, the FLOORS are DONE!!!!  Scott finished the last board on Sunday at 11:15 am ….it was a great feeling!!  Last night we dined in our “new” dining room and Scott and I spent an hour, after the kids went to bed, talking in our “new” playroom.  The furniture is back, the house is back to normal…it feels GREAT!


the last board!!!

It has been 3 weeks of working weekends and living in a very chaotic living space.  Today after he finished the last board we took a break and brought the kids to Winterfest in my hometown.  After three weekends of “ignoring” our kids (lots of movies, building them forts to play in and pawning them off on others), it was nice to have an afternoon all about them!  They both competed in the Angry Bird Challenge, Lil’C came in 3rd in the poster contest and they both came in 2nd in the Hockey Puck Shoot Out.  We went sledding, spent some quality time with Neene and Chi Chi and my sister Kristen made a surprise visit!!  It was a great culmination to the weekend and despite the bitter cold, we had a great time.

photo 2

Neene and Lil”C


Waiting for Angry Birds

We hope you had a nice weekend.  We are looking forward to a spending this week in our “new” rooms.  Happy Monday.


Chi Chi and Z sledding


Lil’C and Daddy walking on the ice

photo 5

Z in the hockey puck shoot out


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