Love is All Around


Around here at Magic School House we are starting to get ready for Valentine’s Day.  We are in the process of pulling out our homemade decorations and busy making a few new ones.  For us the celebration of Valentine’s Day is so much more than a day, it is 14 days of love, friendship and fun activities.

A few years back Scott asked that we no longer buy gifts for our kids and focus more on showing love in other ways.  This challenge was readily accepted and something really beautiful was born.  Here is a brief look of what we have going on.


Valentine’s Day Countdown

This is very similar to our Advent Activity Calendar.  We have 14 envelopes hanging and each is filled with a special daily activity.  Here is the plan for this year.

1.  Family Adventure Day (Chinese New Year with friends)Make Valentines for Family
2.  Ground Hog Day/Candelmas Fun
3.  Make Valentine’s For Family
4.  Make Valentine’s For Friends
5.  Call Someone we Love
6.  Pay it Forward Day
7.  Valentine Craft
8.  Movie Night (Charlie Brown Valentine’s Day) Bake cookies for our friends
9.  Special Family Night
10.  Valentine’s Day Celebration at Co-op
11.  Bake Cookies
12.  Play a Game with Someone You Love
13.  Candlelight Dinner
14.  Valentine’s Day and School Party


Daddy’s Love Countdown

Last year the kids and I created a countdown just for Daddy.  This was 14 days of “love coupons” for daddy.  Some days there were little simple gifts (on the 12th day he got 12 new kcups) and other days it was gestures (9 hugs on the 9th day).  This was super fun and we are looking forward to making a new poster for him this year.


Love Notes

Every year we have a special container to collect cards that we make for each other throughout the 14 days.  This year I found these super cute mailboxes at Target for a $1 each.  I have written our names on them and they will be out for the entire 14 days.  I love that they have flags on the side so you can put it up after you place in a love note.  I am so excited about this new addition to our celebration.

Book a Day

This is very similar to our Advent Books, except I don’t wrap all 14 books.  Each day of a Valentine’s Day I pull out a “love” book and place it in a gift bag for the kids to open (I use the same gift bag over and over and hide the books in my closet).  We have a few Valentine’s Day books, got some others from the library and I supplement the other books with books about friendship, love and family (we have loads of those!!).


Valentine’s Day Breakfast

The culmination of our celebration is our special Valentine’s Day breakfast.  I will set the table the night before so it looks extra special and then we will dine all together.   This is usually when we open our cards and notes, it is always a lot of fun.

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