The Ha Ha Club!

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My in-laws are pretty great people and are so good about sending my kids fun things in the mail.  Just this week we received an envelope filled with supplies to create one of a kind Valentines!  It was filled with lace, ribbon, bows, fabric, paper and all sorts of other goodies.  The kids have been hard at work making their Valentine’s and love these wonderful treasures.

photo 2

Last week we received something we all really loved, the first letter of the “Ha Ha Club”!!  This letter contained a paper with three typed jokes.  The answers were covered with sticky paper that could be easily lifted after reading the joke.  This week we received another letter from the “Ha Ha Club” and the kids couldn’t wait to open it.  My hesitant (but capable) reader read all of the jokes to us and we all had a chuckle with the answers.


The “Ha Ha Club” has been so much fun for all of us and Z loves to read them again for Daddy when he gets home.  Thanks Mimi and Grandpa for the laughs and for encouraging your grandson to practice his reading in a fun way!!  We love you and appreciate all of the love and thought that goes into all the fun mail that you send.


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  1. Mimi

    It’s our way to play with our grandkids and love you all from a distance:)
    SO glad it’s fun for all!
    Mimi & GP Jeff

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