Snow Day…”School” Still in Session!


photo 2

When you homeschool, Snow Days take on a bit of a new meaning.  Yes school was canceled for Lil’C and Nature Class was canceled for both, but homeschool was still in session.  Snow Days for us are slower paced days.  A day where we have nowhere to be, can take our time and you have permission to do your math in your PJ’s 😉

photo 2

Z got dressed to do his math but I was in my jammies!

Yesterday was a cozy and productive day for us.  There was soup simmering on the stove all day, a fire roaring in the fireplace, lots of laundry and decluttering got done and most of us did not get dressed until after noon (I was in jammies until 4!!).

Daddy came home early from work and though our Theater Show was postponed (we had a date night scheduled for tonight), we enjoyed a nice family evening at home.

Here are some photos from our day, I love a good Snow Day!!!

photo 1

Playing our new favorite game!! Scrambled States of America

photo 4

Handwork by the fire

photo 4

King of the Mountain

photo 5

A great day!



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