Friday Finds….Naturally Curious

natcuriocovermedal1.jpg?w=596&h=717A few weeks ago Z’s nature teacher introduced us to Mary Holland and her Naturally Curious Blog and Book.  We went home that day and used a Christmas gift card to order the book and subscribed to her site.  Mary’s book is INCREDIBLE.  It is split into sections, one for each month of the year.  Within each section she discusses what is happening in nature in New England at that time of year and what to look for.  The pictures are phenomenal and this book is a great resource for all nature lovers!

If you subscribe to her blog (it is FREE), she will send you a quick blog post Monday-Friday.   These blog posts include a picture and text about something that is happening in Nature (New England) at this time of year.   We look forward to these daily posts and have learned so much in just two weeks!

So check out Mary Holland today, you will be so happy that you did!

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One response to “Friday Finds….Naturally Curious

  1. Mimi

    This looks like something that I would enjoy:) Will check out her blog when I have a moment.

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