Olympics, Clutter and Fun

photo 5I love weekends that are both productive and relaxing.  This weekend we attacked clutter (specifically our closets), counted birds for the Audubon Backyard Bird Count, worked on our taxes but also made time for fun!  We started our weekend off with a late night watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  Lil’C stayed up until Canada marched in (her country in the family Olympic competition) and Z waited up for Team USA.photo-87

After our late night we had an early breakfast with my sister Kristen.  She introduced us to a new place and it was so nice to see her (wish we had a picture!).  The day was spent doing household chores and cleaning out those closets.  Saturday evening we went to see good friends for dinner.  She made a GAPS friendly meal (even dessert) and it was delicious!  We had such a nice time chatting, the kids played with their good buddies and it was so nice to relax with good company.

photo 1

Sunday brought a date for Daddy and Z.  They went to see the new LEGO movie in 3D and LOVED it!  Z said it was, “totally hilarious, funny and awesome!”.  While they were gone, Lil’C and I delivered some Valentines, hit Good Will with a trunk load of stuff and then went to celebrate the decluttering with a cupcake (I had tea).

photo 2

The afternoon was spent watching the Olympics inside and then recreating them outside.  It was a beautiful afternoon for “skeleton”, “bobsled” and “luge”.

photo 3

We hope you had a good weekend!  Happy 1/2 Birthday to Scott today.photo 1

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