February Plans


February is here! The house is filled with hearts, the Olympics started this past week and the ground is once again covered in fresh snow……this all makes me happy.  Our main theme this month is the Winter Olympics and it has been a lot of fun so far.  We have Winter Olympic books and movies (can’t wait to watch Cool Running!!), lots of learning activities ready and a friendly family medal competition in place.  The other main focus of the month is the Winter Edition of the Z News.  Z has already designed his layout and written his first story.  He is really excited about this edition and has invited his friends to be involved too!

Here is what else we have going on this month…..

photo 1


1.  The Z News!!!

2. Valentine’s Day Cards

3.  Journal Writing

4.  Daily Read Aloud Time (Lots of Olympic books, Valentine’s Day stories and 21 Balloons)

5.  Short Vowel Sounds

6.  Reading Strategies–Context Cues

7.  February Poem


1.  Finishing up with our Math Gnomes (4 processes)

2.  Finishing up Book 2 of the Life of Fred Series

3.  Practicing Addition Facts

4.  Graphing (Medals in the olympics)


Science and Nature

1.  Animals in Winter

2.  Project Feeder Watch and Backyard Bird Count

3.  Owl Pellet Dissection

4.  Bird ID practice

Social Studies

1.  History of Candlemas/Groundhogs Day

2.  Winter Olympics

3.  Geography (countries in the Olympics)



1.  Making Valentine’s

2.  Beeswax modeling

3.  Baking


Physical Education

1.  Yoga

2.  Our own version of the Winter Olympics

3. Sledding/Outdoor Fun

4.  Snowshoeing



1.  We-Do Robotics LEGOs

2.  Installing the Molding with Daddy

3.  Creating plans for a new table with Daddy

Foreign Language

1.  Games and Songs in Spanish

photo 5

The Arts

1.  Drawing and Watercolors

2.  Valentine’s Day Cards

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  1. Janine

    Busy month! See you soon.

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