Olympic Fever

photo 1

Boy do we have it over here and I think Z has been hit the hardest.  He is ALL Olympics, ALL OF THE TIME!  From the moment he wakes up, to the moment he goes to bed, he is talking about it, playing it, watching it or reading about it.  He even built his own Winter Olympic Village out of LEGO.  He is loving all aspects of it.

photo 1

Our Olympic Medal Board

Over the weekend he said to me, “Mom when you planned this homeschool class, I thought it would be boring.  It has turned out to be my FAVORITE!”  This unit has been jam packed with History, Geography, Sportsmanship, Math, Sporting Rules, Russian Culture and exposure to so many new sports for Z.  His favorite part of the day is when he records the medals won  for each of the countries that our family has picked.  This is so cute to watch and I love his enthusiasm.

photo 3

Making a World Map of the Family Olympic Countries

Z is currently designing a 4 Event Olympics for this weekend at his Grandparents House.  There are two indoor events (curling and speed skating) and two outdoor events (hockey and luge).  He is so excited about this and is planning out what materials he needs and is working on medals for each event.   He was worried about hurt feelings so he even made some Participant Medals incase somebody did not place in the events.

photo 2

2 Man Luge with his Buddy H


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2 responses to “Olympic Fever

  1. Mimi

    Unschooling makes time for PASSION!… Love that!… Please let Z & C know that they have a distant cousin at the Olympics-
    Marissa Castelli – from RI in pairs figure skating. She is G-Ma Mammes cousin from the Vennetillo side of the family. Only Auntie Rose can explain the connection… it gets confusing !!! Love your medal standings window:)

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