Friday Finds….LOVE this FREE App!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!  The kids are so excited that Valentine’s Day is finally here and we are about to sit down for our annual Valentine’s Breakfast.  Before we do, I wanted to share with you an amazing FREE App that I just discovered.  It is called Merlin and it is designed to help even the most beginner birder, identify the birds that they see.


Merlin was designed by the Cornell Lab and contains almost 300 birds in its database.  When opened, the app will ask you three simple questions and then provides a list of bird species possibilities.  The list of bird choices include multiple photos, sounds, behavior and whether or not they are rare or common to your area.  Since downloading this a week and a half ago, we have already used it many times.

Unfortunately the Android version is not out yet (coming this spring) but the IOS version is up and running.  If you have an iphone, head to the app store and check it out.  It is so easy to use (Z loves to use it) and fun!  This is going to help our birding trips this spring as we can now leave our backpack full of bird books in the car and just take the phone and our binoculars!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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