Weekend Memories…

photo 4

This weekend for us was a long one. Scott had the day off today which is always a big novelty for us. Saturday was spent with a quick visit to RI to visit my in-laws. With the threat of snow coming, we had to make the visit short and sweet. We did have an delicious meal and Z organized a really fun Olympic games for us. We had four events, medals and amazing participation.

photo 1

Our Version of Curling

photo 5

Hockey Medalists

Sunday the kids and I had a lazy day building LEGOs while Scott went off snowboarding. This was the first time he has snowboarded in years and I was so happy he had this chance to clear his head and do something for himself! My parents came to visit us, which was fun and we spent some time playing outside in the new snow.


We created our own UniKitty and Emmet 🙂 Picture taken by Lil’C


We have A LOT of snow!

Monday we split up and Scott went back to the mountain but with Z this time. Z had his first snowboarding lesson and LOVED it! He has had a snowboard (2 actually) that was passed down from friends and this was the first time he got to use it on a real mountain (don’t think our backyard counts). After his lesson the boys went tubing and then had lunch in the lodge. They had so much fun together!

photo 2

While they were away, Lil’C and I hit the fabric store and did some crafting. We bought some fabric for some fleece tie blankets that we will be donating to Project Linus with our co-op. Of course I allowed her to pick out her own fabric and we created a cute My Little Pony Blanket when we got home. I also bought some yarn for my stash, I am working on my first hat right now!  Lil’C also finished her first cross stitch and gave it to her good buddy A 🙂  Since starting this cross stitch a month and a half ago she said she was going to give it to A and today she did!


She worked hard on this!

Despite it’s length, the weekend seemed to fly by. Now we are facing more snow and probably another school cancellation for Lil’C. She has missed 6 days so far (averaging one a week) and in her private school they don’t make them up. Oh how I wish they’d give us a refund 😉

photo 3

A little cheating in the speed skating competition

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

photo 3

My boys!


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One response to “Weekend Memories…

  1. Mimi

    You forgot… crazy people driving home in the snow!
    Glad you had a fun weekend and that we got to be part of it.
    Mimi is so happy C had fun with the rainbow cross stitch!
    Good for her! Not an easy project first time around.:)

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