An Early Anniversary Getaway

photo 2This July Scott and I will have been married for 10 years, it is still hard for us to believe this fact.  Ten years ago on our honeymoon in Mexico, we committed to taking a trip for our 10 year anniversary.  A few years back we decided on Napa Valley as our destination and this year started planning the trip.  IMG_8123

Our plan was that when Scott had to go to San Francisco on business, we’d put our plan into action.  Well at the end of February he emailed me and asked me if I’d like to go to Napa on the 5th of March, my head was spinning with the spontaneity of it all.  My mom was available to watch the kids and there was nothing major on the calendar so we booked the trip that day.  In a week and a half we threw together a great itinerary, organized life for my mom as best as we could and I flew out to San Fran to meet Scott.  It was such a great trip with so many wonderful highlights.  Here is a little glimpse of what we did. 

photo 4


I arrived late Wednesday (plane was delayed) and met Scott at the hotel in downtown San Francisco.  The next morning we explored the city a bit on foot and had breakfast.  Scott is here all the time and I have been there twice before, so we really didn’t have the desire to do the touristy things downtown.  After breakfast, we rented a car and headed north.  We wanted to spend an evening on the coast and so Bodega Bay was our final destination.  Here we explored the shore, had a delicious lunch and hit our first two wineries in Sonoma (Joseph Phelps Freestone and Wild Horse).

photo 2

hanging by the pier in San Francisco

photo 5

Our Resort, the Bodega Bay Lodge


Touching the Pacific Ocean




Wild Horse Winery, Sonoma County


We got up early and headed east for our first Winery Tour in Napa Valley.  We had wanted to visit some unique places in Napa and Frog’s Leap seemed to fit this bill (even their website is fun!!).  The tour was great and the wine was so good, this was by far our favorite experience on the trip.  We also visited Cakebread and had a great tour of Inglenook (Francis Ford Coppola’s home and Estate Vineyard).  That night for dinner we walked downtown from our great B and B to the Bounty Hunter Wine Bar. It was a unique venue and the food was really good.

The yellow is Mustard that is planted as a cover crop

The yellow is Mustard that is planted as a cover crop


We got smart and started hitting Whole Foods for lunch, so much cheaper!

photo 4

Inglenook! Coppola’s house is behind us, Scott LOVED their wine


The Winery at Inglenook


Saturday was our lazy day.  With the exception of dinner reservations, which we moved from 8pm-5pm because we were so jet lagged, we had no plans. We headed up the Silverado Trail and stopped in at a few Wineries that had been suggested to us.  We hit Pine Ridge, Stags Leap Wine Cellars and Casa Nuestra.  I loved the relaxed tasting atmosphere and good wine at Stags Leap Wine Cellars but the fun stories and laid back experience at Casa Nuestra was one of my favorite moments. One of Elvis’ movies was filmed on this property!!!

photo 4

We had our anniversary dinner at Coles Chop House and it had to be one of the best meals we have EVER had.  The food was INCREDIBLE, our waiter was so friendly and the atmosphere was great.  It really was the best ending to an incredible long weekend and we were so grateful we moved our reservation up 3 hours so we could really enjoy it and not fall asleep in our meal.

IMG_8186The trip was great!  I plan to write another more detailed post about our Winery experiences.  I found those types of posts helpful when planning our trip.  With over 300 wineries to choose from in Napa Valley and Sonoma County only an hour drive away, it can make your head spin.  We still didn’t hit all the vineyards we wanted to go to but we figure we can always go back again, maybe for our 20th year celebration!



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  1. Amber Richardson

    Looks amazing!

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