March Plans

Here is our plan for March.  Our main focus for the start of the month has been the  Iditarod and USA geography.  The rest of the month will focus on the coming of spring, the life of Jesus and volcanoes.  We are hoping to spend a lot of time outside this month and would love to see grass in our yard sometime soon.  Wishful thinking……IMG_8014


1.  Wacky Alphabet Book

2.   Journal Writing

3.  Daily Read Aloud Time (Lots of Iditarod Books, St. Patrick’s Day stories and an Iditarod Mystery Book)

4.  Short Vowel Sounds

5.  Reading Strategies–attacking unknown words

6.  March Poem



1.  Finally finishing up with our Math Gnomes (4 processes)–We took a break in February

2.  Starting Book 3 of Life of Fred Series

3.  Practicing Addition Facts (doubles)

4.  Graphing the Iditarod

photo 1

Science and Nature

1.  Owl Pellet Dissection (was postponed)

2.  Project Feeder Watch and Backyard Bird Count

3.  Volcanoes

5.  Nature Class


Social Studies

1.  The Iditarod

2.  Life of Jesus

3.  USA Geography



1.  Making Iditarod Sleds

2.  Beeswax modeling

3.  Leprechaun Traps

photo 3

Physical Education

1.  Yoga

2. Sledding/Outdoor Fun

3.  Snowboarding??


1.  LEGO Stop Motion Animation

Foreign Language

1.  Games and Songs in Spanish


The Arts

1.  Drawing and Watercolors

2.  Leprechaun Traps

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One response to “March Plans

  1. Janine

    Busy month! Can’t wait to see the Leprechaun traps. Let me know if you catch one. I have been trying for years. Good luck!

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