What Did Jesus Eat??


Our current Theme of Study is The Life of Jesus.  As a family we know a lot about the beginning and end of Jesus’ life but not too much about the middle.  This unit will be five weeks long and end with Easter Sunday.  Putting this unit together has filled in many of the holes in my own understanding of this period of history.  It has been both a fun and educational unit to create.

Week One we focused all about what life would have been like 2000 years ago in Israel.  We looked at maps of that time and compared them with maps of today.  We looked at homes, transportation, agriculture and entertainment and compared them to today.  As a culmination of this week we had a Jesus Feast and ate many of the foods that he would have eaten in his day.


Week Two will focus on the parables and teachings of Jesus, Week Three will focus on the Miracle Stories and Weeks 4 and 5 will focus on the last week of his life.  I introduced the concept of timelines this past week and had the kids make a timeline of their own life.  We will then take this new skill and make a timeline of Jesus’ life over the next few weeks.


There are many baking and craft projects planned for this unit as well as many stories to tell.  Our most favorite find as a result of this unit was this video series made by the creator of Veggie Tales. What’s in the Bible? is a fun way to learn about the Old and New Testaments.  We bought volume 10, because it focuses on the life and death of Jesus, and the kids LOVED it.

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