Pokemon Master Challenge by Google Maps


Google Maps put out an “April Fools Joke” which was perfect for my Pokemon Obsessed child.  Click HERE to watch the video, it is great!  Both Z and I loved watching it this morning.

If you have an updated copy of Google Maps on your phone, you too can catch Pokemon!!  Click on Google Maps, then click on the “Search Bar”.  On the menu today there is a Poke-Ball that says, “Press Start”.  Press it and let your kids “catch” all the Pokemon out in the San Francisco area.  There are 150 to catch, it is super cute and Z is LOVING it right now!!!


Even if you are not a Pokemon fan, I think you will enjoy the video.  Happy April Fools to all of you!

***UPDATE****  It took most of the day but we managed to catch all 150 Pokemon!  We were only able to catch about 41 on our own and then had to rely on help from the internet.  People even more crazy than us made spreadsheets about the different Pokemon whereabouts!  We did make sure to get our school work done and we spent a big chunk of time outside.  The rest of the day we were “traveling the globe”, searching for Pokemon!


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