April Plans


It is hard for me to comprehend that April is here!  The past 8 months of homeschooling have flown by and it is hard to believe that we only have a little over two months left of our official school year.  I am happy to say that the snow in our yard is almost gone, we have been spending many more hours outdoors and Z’s baseball season starts in a few weeks.  April will be a busy month as we work on the last edition of the Z news and finish up some other big projects we have been working on.  Here is what we have planned so far…..



1.  Finish our Wacky Alphabet Book

2.   Start the last edition of the Z News

3.  Daily Read Aloud Time (Lots of Easter Books, Books about Boston and the Boxcar Children)

4.  Long Vowel Sounds and Simple Suffixes

5.  Journal Writing

6.  April Poem



1.  Place Value

2.  Finishing Book 3 of Life of Fred Series and Starting Book 4

3.  Practicing Addition, Subtraction and Simple Multiplication facts

4.  Graphing the Weather


Science and Nature

1.  Nature Class–Exploring the 5 Senses

2.  Simple Circuits

3.  Baby Animals and Farms

4.  Watching Baby Eaglets Grow (Decorah Eagles)


Social Studies

1.  Finish up the Life of Jesus Block

2.  Start Block on Boston

3.  New England Geography

4.  Following the Tougas Family as they travel the Appalachian Trail!!



1.  Baking

2.  Finger Knitting


Physical Education

1.  Swimming

2. Yoga

3.  Baseball


1.  LEGO Stop Motion Animation

Foreign Language

1.  Games and Songs in Spanish


The Arts

1.  Drawing and Watercolors

2.  Creating his own Pokemon Cards

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