Making Memories….Busy Week


First Ice Cream Trip!

The quiet days of winter are now behind us and we are quickly moving into the busyness of spring.  For as long as I can remember spring has always been a busy time in my life.  I remember the chaos of it in College as I prepared for finals while spending all my free hours working on preparations for our week long Springfest on campus.  This year the spring calendar is shaping up to be another busy one.


Going down the slide….looking a bit red 🙂

This week we had multiple birthday parties, park days, an event at our home, a trip to Maine for mom and all of our homeschool activities collided into one week.  It was fun but a bit exhausting since Lil’C decided that the coming full moon would keep her up at night (and thus me as well).   This coming week is a little slower and I hope that we can relax a bit before baseball season begins!


Gorgeous Park Day with Friends

Today is suppose to be 77 degrees and my kids are excited!!!  We are also looking forward to welcoming home some friends who have been gone for three weeks.  Have a good week everyone.



Family Foot Washing…..In honor of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper


Our Tree of Love, A bridal shower gift for our good friends Joe and Kate


Lego Class…finished scene one of their movie!


She loves to pose!

Inventing his own Pokemon

Inventing his own Pokemon


Dad’s Night at School


“This is the Best Day Mommy!”


My little monkey

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