Giving Them the Chance to Fly


Two weeks ago, I had one of those moments when you wake up in the middle of the night in a panic.  In the middle of this panic I thought, “Lil’C can’t catch a ball and Z can’t ride a two-wheeler”.   Silly right?!?!  But in the middle of the night, even simple things can bring a moment of anxiety.

I mentioned these two things to Scott the next day and we both agreed that these were simple to fix and we would get started as soon as possible.  I spent the morning “playing catch” with Lil’C and she loved it.  After awhile she got the hang of it and I felt so sad about all the “catch” time we had missed out on.  This was Z’s favorite game as a toddler and for some reason Lil’C had not really been introduced.  I talked to her about signing up for Mini-Sports (something Z had done many times by her age) and she thought it sounded like fun.  Through Mini-Sports she will get exposure to all sorts of sports and maybe find one that she really likes.


That same afternoon I took the training wheels off Z’s bike.  “What are you doing mom?”  Z asked with his own little look of panic.  I told him that it was time to learn to ride.  We spent the next 30 minutes practicing this new skill and then I watched with pride as he rode away from me unassisted.

Since that day a week and a half ago, Z has been practicing his bike riding everyday.  With each day he has gotten better and better and more confident.  He has had his share of spills but with each one he gets back on and tries again.  Lil’C might never be a star athlete but at least we are giving her the same opportunities that her brother had and allowing her to explore this area for herself.


Watching Z ride away was a treasured moment and got me thinking about other things we might be holding our kids back from accomplishing.  Our children (and their parents) are very fortunate for all of the experiences that they have in their life.  However, sometimes it is our forgetfulness (or laziness) and other times our fear that holds them back when they really need the chance to fly.


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2 responses to “Giving Them the Chance to Fly

  1. Amber Richardson

    Yeah. Free at last. Ok, now

    Let’s get Lil C on the bike too. Hugs.


  2. Janine

    Great job, Everyone!

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