Friday Finds….Herb Fairies!!! ACT NOW



I am sooooo excited that the kids and I will be participating in the Herb Fairies Book Club this year.  I first heard about this Learning Herbs Experience last year but the timing was not right.  Instead of joining last year, I wrote down “Herb Fairies” on my calendar for April and joined their mailing list.  For Christmas the kids received the Wild Craft game which is made by Learning Herbs.  We LOVE this game and want to know more about how to use the herbs talked about in the game.   The Herb Fairies Book Club is the perfect way to do just that.wildcraft-new

Herb Fairies is a multi-media approach for teaching children (and adults) about herbs.  Using beautifully illustrated stories, the fairies bring the herbs and the way they can be used to life.  Children have the chance to make their own “Magic Keeper’s Journal” with the remedies and recipes that they learn about in each of the 13 the books.  There are also coloring pages, audio versions of the books, recipes, a parent guide, an herbal magazine for each month and an easy to use website to access all the materials.

I love that they only release one book a month (less overwhelming for this mama) and that the books are seasonally appropriate.  There are many reviews on their site that claim that this program is loved by both girls and boys and the majority of children are between 5-12 years old.   I just spent some time exploring the user website and I am sooooo excited!!

This amazing year long experience is only open for registration for 5 days a year and that time is RIGHT NOW!!  Registration closes tomorrow evening (April 19th), so if you think this is something that you want to participate in, act NOW.

I am not receiving any compensation for this blog post, just wanted to share my excitement with all of you!!


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2 responses to “Friday Finds….Herb Fairies!!! ACT NOW

  1. Mimi

    AH…. brings me back to the good ole days of the herb farm… Windlestraw…
    back in the day when nothing was multimedia… looks like a wonderful program
    and now Z & C will be able to “talk” herbs with Mimi!!!!
    Gives me incentive to resurrecting the herb patch:)
    Have a pepperminty kind of day!

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