Making Memories….A Memorable Easter Week

IMG_8821The week leading up to Easter was full of surprises.  We had weather in the high 70’s followed by snow two days later!  I was knocked out by a fever virus and we all had to miss out on quite a few fun things.   My dad went on my date night that I got Scott for Christmas and my family headed to RI for Easter without me.   And the week ended with a trip to the ER for Lil’C late on Easter Sunday.  Poor baby hit her lip on the post of her bed which led to a hole in her lip and stitches.

What a week!?!?!  The kids were super great through all of this, and I am so blessed that they took all the disappointments of the week with stride and still managed to have a great Easter day.   Here are some photos from our week.


Baby Chicks and Ducks at co-op


Shorts on Monday


Boots and Winter Coats on Wednesday


Happy Easter!!


Neene’s Fun Desserts


Decorating Eggs


Still homeschooling on Mama’s Sick Days


A Gift from Scott on his trip home from NYC!! Better than Roses


Making Pretzels for Easter

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