I Love My Village


Our Gratitude Window

That old saying “It takes a Village” is so true when mom gets sick and I am grateful for the village surrounding me!  Between the phone calls, offers to pick things up, shopping for me, driving my kids around, watching them so I could go to the doctors, text messages, flowers…..I am one lucky girl.


This “virus” left me feverish and weak for over a week and a half.  I am just starting to feel like myself again…it was brutal.  I am thankful for the village but mostly I am thankful for kids.  My kids who went with the punches, entertained themselves, went without bedtime books and snuggles….my kids are AWESOME!


somebody turned 4 1/2 while I was sick

I am happy to be on the mend and want to thank all those who helped us out.  We are truly grateful for each and every one of you!


I read 5 books and built a webpage while sick

Here are some more photos from our week.


The house is utter chaos….do you like the fort in my family room??

Lil'C's picture from the ER, her lip looks great!

Lil’C’s picture from the ER, her lip is healing up nicely!


Thank goodness for My Little Pony…good distraction for the kids


Pokemon was the other great distraction!


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3 responses to “I Love My Village

  1. Katherine Gasper

    LOL I have that same picture of my lil C when she got her chin stitched–dazed look, hospital johnnie, popsicle in hand–cute! Glad you are on the mend!

  2. Mimi

    Happy to hear you are on the mend:)

  3. Mimi

    Great to learn that things are better for you and the brood.
    We love your village people too!
    See you better soon…

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