Friday Finds….No More Mother’s Day Cards


I came across this article a few weeks ago on Facebook and I think it is brilliant.  I am hoping Scott is reading today because I would really love to have a journal like this that I will keep forever instead of a card that will most likely get recycled in a few weeks.    Of course I already had special cards made for the mom’s in our life, maybe we will do journals next year 🙂


I would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of my favorite mother’s out there!  Especially my mother Janine and my mother in-law Evelyn.  I love you both very much and so appreciate all of your love and support this year as we journeyed down the homeschool path!    Happy Mother’s Day Everyone.




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One response to “Friday Finds….No More Mother’s Day Cards

  1. I too heard about this years ago. So I flat out told my husband that this was what I wanted. He followed through and I LOVE it! Most times I do have to remind him where it’s kept when my birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas roll around, but eventually the kids will take ownership and I’ll be good to go!

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