Making Memories….A Surprising Weekend


The weather forecast for this weekend was NOT GOOD.  On Friday I was dreading the rainy weekend ahead and wondering how we were going to fit in all that we had to accomplish.  Sitting here today I am sorry I wasted any worry on such silly things.



This was the beautiful setting for Sunday’s birthday party. Can you believe this is a suburb of Boston?!?!?! The first canal ever built in the country.

The weather ended up being absolutely gorgeous and we were able to fit everything in (well most everything in) just fine!  We had a lovely visit with Mimi and Grandpa J, Z went to a birthday party Saturday, we got to grill both nights, Z had baseball pictures, Scott was able to mow the lawn and we all got to go to a great family birthday party for a sweet 7-year-old girl on Sunday.  It was a GREAT weekend and I am sad to see it come to an end.  Here are some highlights…..

Going out to eat with Mimi and GPA J

Going out to eat with Mimi and GPA J


A Walk on the Rail Trail


Z and Lil’C


Z and the birthday boy T


An Oriole Nest!!!!


Lil’C and the Birthday Girl….A Monster High Party!


Z and his good buddy


The beautiful birthday girl


Lil’C was all about the cake!


Look what we got to hold in Nature Class this week!!!!! These are Zach’s hands. Sooooooo cute!


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