The Long Weekend

IMG_9398This past weekend, my whole family was together at the lake.  As is tradition, the rest of the owners were up too and we had our annual Memorial Day meeting and picnic.  It was nice to be all together after a long and cold winter!


Trip to the General Store for Candy 🙂

This year I volunteered to take over the organizing of the picnic. Actually I offered to help with the picnic but the former organizer was eager to pass on the baton.  This kept me on my toes on Saturday but I was rewarded with a lazy Sunday.


The weather was up and down but the ups were really great with sunshine and temps in the 70’s…..who could ask for more?  The lows were really low and our picnic got rained out (AGAIN) and we ended up inside which is always a bit cramped.  I went for my first swim of the season (the earliest I think I have been in since becoming an adult) and the water was not nearly as cold as I imagined.  It did take your breath away with water temps in the high 50s low 60s.

Mike and Rafy making a Honduran breakfast

Mike and Rafy making a Honduran breakfast

We had a special guest this year, Rafy.  Rafy is a college student from Honduras who is staying with friends of my dad so he can go to school up here.  Dad has known Rafy since he was 5 years old as Rafy’s dad is a great Rotarian who assists Amigos de Honduras when they go down for their project weeks.  Rafy fit right in enjoyed his first time fishing (caught a bunch of fish!!), first kayak ride, played guitar for us, ate more ice cream than he has ever had in one weekend, played a crazy group game of Pictionary and cooked a great Honduran breakfast for all of us.


It was a great weekend and a nice unofficial kick off of summer.


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