“Mom You are a Nicer Mom When Your Hair is Up!”


Hmmmm…..this is what Z said to me in the grocery store checkout line the other day.  And I am sure you can guess my hair was down.  These words took me by surprise and have spurred a lot of self-reflection.  Is there truth to this statement??  Am I a nicer mom when my hair is up??

Let’s look at the facts, when my hair is down I have just showered and have put some effort into my hair.  This usually means we have someplace to be and that means we may have had to rush to get there.  When we rush, I am not as friendly a mom.  I am usually stressed and sometimes raise my voice as I try to get my snail like children out the door.  I know this about myself and so I have put things in place to prevent this.  Infact the clocks in our house are all set ahead to prevent crazy mommy from appearing.  Though I have taken steps to prevent these moments, it does not mean that they don’t happen.


Let’s look at another fact, my hair is usually up when we are at the lake and in the summer when it is hot.  Am I nicer and more fun when life is laid back and relaxed??  I would guess yes.

So am I a nicer mom when my hair is down???  I guess I am.  I need to do some more observing and reflecting but I also need to trust my son.  He is an observant, sensitive and thoughtful person and I am going to trust that there is some weight to this statement.  Since he has said this, I am so much more aware of my actions when my hair is down.  I hope that I can work to make “Mommy with Her Hair Down” a nicer mommy.


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3 responses to ““Mom You are a Nicer Mom When Your Hair is Up!”

  1. Katherine gasper

    That is so hilarious! I am laughing my butt off right now. I have an alternate personality myself, referred to as “the curly haired” mom, who yells and says no. I attribute that to my frizzed up hair do, which always manages to emerge as we are getting ready to depart home as well. Thinking of investing in a hair straightener…… Or never leaving the house again……;)

  2. Such a thought-provoking post Jess… Makes me wonder what outward sign my kids see when I’m internalizing my stress. Goodness knows it’s a common state-of-being, so I’m sure they’ve noticed something. I’m going to go ask them…

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