6 Days, 4 States and 800+ Miles……

photo 4

We just returned from a wonderful summer family vacation.  We visited NYC, Philadelphia, NJ and CT and saw many sites, spent time with friends and family and had so much fun!  Here are some of the highlights from our first two days in NYC.

New York City

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photo 5

We spent two nights on the Upper West Side of NYC.  We had so much fun exploring the city and the kids LOVED New York so much.  They loved the people, the taxi rides and the excitement of the city.  We explored Central Park, ate at outdoor cafes, visited the Empire State Building at sunset, explored the Natural History Museum, visited Daddy’s NY office, went on the Ferris Wheel in Toys R Us in Times Square, ate NY pizza and went bowling at Chelsea Pier.

photo 1-1

Lil’C’s first taxi ride

photo 4-1

Z was hailing cabs by day 2 and was pretty good at it!

photo 1-2

Central Park

Our trip to the Empire State Building had me laughing in hysterics as the security line pulled me aside to confiscate the tools in my bag.  I had forgotten that they were there from a jewelry project and could not stop giggling at the absurdity of it.  Thankfully security did not mind my giggles, let me go through to the elevators and let us have the tools back at the end of the night 🙂

photo 2-2

Waiting for Daddy to get the confiscated tools

The next day we had security guards with us once again at the Natural History Museum.  While Scott and Z were buying the tickets, I had Lil’C pose by the dinosaurs in the lobby.  She leaned against the sign below and it went over.  She tried to save it and in the process ended up underneath it.  The crash against the dino exhibit was deafening and the entire lobby stopped to look.  In this moment I thought of all of those TV shows and movies where the dino bones tumble to the ground like dominos…..thankfully this did not happen.  Lil’C  burst into tears as a man and I pulled the sign off of her.  Security rushed over and called a code of some sort and more security and the manager came on the scene.

photo 2-1

We knew that she was fine, just scared but security needed to make sure.  We filled out a report and Lil’C was ironically rewarded with free tickets to the butterfly exhibit (she is scared to death of butterflies).  We could not turn down the tickets since the manager walked us to the exhibit, so we went in to see the butterflies.  Lil’C did a great job in there despite her fear and then we had a fun afternoon exploring the museum.

photo 3


photo 5-1

Toys R Us in Time Square

It was a busy two days but we all loved our time in NY and can’t wait to go back.


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