Great Aunts, BBQs, Self-Serve Ice Cream and PEZ

photo 2

After our stay in Philadelphia, we headed north towards NJ once again.  Here we visited my great aunt and cousin Mary Lou.  My great aunt is 94 and she and my cousin had never met the kids.  It was great to sit on their back patio in their beautiful garden and visit.  The kids ate ice cream, the adults chatted and though our time was short, it was so nice to see them.

Next we crossed the GW bridge and headed to CT to visit with the family.  Scott’s sister and brother in-law live in CT and his parents came down for the night.  We had a BBQ, Z presented some of his portfolio and the highlight of the night was the self-serve frozen yogurt.  The kids had a ball and Lil’C already has plans to head back here again.

photo 5

The next day we went out to breakfast at a local diner and then said good-bye to daddy.  He had to take the train back to work and it was hard for us to say good-bye after 6 wonderful days together.  Mimi and Grandpa headed north with us and we went to the PEZ factory in Orange CT.  This was a fun self-guided tour and all 5 of us enjoyed seeing how PEZ was made, learning about the history of PEZ, playing PEZ bingo and memory, designing our own PEZ head and the kids loved picking out their own PEZ to take home.

photo 3

After the PEZ factory, it was time to head home.  Once we made it through Hartford traffic, the kids and I stopped at my ALL TIME favorite place in CT, Reins Deli.  The plan had been to just stop for pickles but we hadn’t eaten lunch and so we made a quick stop for some food.  We had a wonderful meal and talked about all of the great places we had visited over our trip.  It was the perfect ending to a wonderful vacation.

photo 4

So six days, 4 states (two new states for the kids), 2 major cities, 800+ miles and lots of fun with family and friends.  You couldn’t ask for a better family vacation.  Thanks to everyone who made it so special for us!!!



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One response to “Great Aunts, BBQs, Self-Serve Ice Cream and PEZ

  1. Kathy

    Glad you all had a such a nice vacation!! Sounds like it was a blast!

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