A Few More Pics

photo 1

Scott and I were so impressed with how well these two travel!!

I know you are probably sick of our vacation photos by now.  I feel like that old aunt that tortures you with trays and trays of slides of her vacation to Bermuda 🙂  Unlike your aunt’s slides however, you are not in the dark and can walk away at anytime.  In fact, I won’t even know!!

photo 1-3

Pizza time in NYC

I have a few more photos to share today and then I promise, no more family vacation talk.  I am writing these posts for us and hope that you are enjoying them as well.  As much as we loved our vacation, we have enjoyed our time relaxing at home this week.  Thanks for reading about our trip and have a great weekend!!

photo 2

Central Park

photo 3

King of the Rock!

photo 4

Belvedere Castle

photo 5

Eating underground at Fred’s in NYC

photo 3

Ferris Wheel at TRU in Time Square

photo 1

Independence Hall

photo 1

Double Decker Bus


photo 3

Loving the Bus Rides!


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2 responses to “A Few More Pics

  1. Mimi

    We never get tired of seeing all your beautiful faces!

  2. I think the photos are AWESOME!!! I’ve enjoyed them all – keep ’em coming!

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