Half Christmas…..


On Wednesday the kids woke up to Christmas in June.  I surprised them for the second year in a row and once again it was a big hit.  The tiny tree was decorated with Lil’C’s jewels, the table was set for a Half Christmas feast and Christmas music was playing throughout the house.  We read a few Christmas stories and watched a Holiday movie, it was a lot of fun.  It took me about 20 minutes to execute and was worth the time spent in the hot attic.  I am thinking of surprising them with another holiday sometime in July or maybe a combination of a few.  I’ll let you know!

As my friend Claire said, “H H H”  That is half of Ho Ho Ho in honor of Half Christmas!



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2 responses to “Half Christmas…..

  1. Mimi

    Oh! It’s Christmas in June! That explains why the birds are feasting in my blueberry patch and the deer have feasted on the sunflowers!
    They’re celebrating!!!!!!!!! Seriously… anytime is the BEST time for making JOY! Happy Summer Christmas:)

  2. When I am reincarnated I want to come back as your child!!! Your kids are SO lucky to have you as a Mom! If you do have Christmas again in July, that could be your O O O day (the other half of H H H!). 🙂

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